"I'm so glad to have learned about this course. The teachers were very knowledgeable and well organized and absolutely wonderful! The environment was wonderfully supportive and very relaxing."  

Susana Q, LMT, RN - Arlington, TX


"Loved it! Life changing! Thank you."  

Ruba M, LMT - Plano, TX


"Course was excellent - curriculum presentation had a good pace too - lecture, hands-on, videos to watch, reflection, discussion, sharing stories, demonstrations, etc." 

Geri R., LMT - Austin, TX


"This course was absolutely worth my time and money. The facility was so much more than adequate - it was comfortable, inviting and afforded a nurturing physical environment. The instructors were both encouraging and supportive as well as nonjudgmental." 

Gail M, LMT - Burleson, TX


"I really expected it to feel too long, but I was wrong.  The content was very relevant, approached with reverence and taught me many things I didn't know.  I'll be a better MT with this knowledge!"

Amy E, LMT - Allen, TX


"I marvelled at the caliber of students who enrolled in this class and deeply appreciated the experiences shared by the two instructors. Loved the opening and closing meditations."

Ann H, LMT - Richardson, TX